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Who am I?  Let's see...

I am an ordinary person who has what I believe to be an extraordinary job.  I am one of those lucky people who does what I am passionate about, fostering and educating people not only about sexuality but the authenticity that makes great sex possible.   I decided to specialize in sex therapy because of the couples I had worked with.  I noticed that unless I brought up sex, the client would not.  Once I did broach the subject of sex, the floodgates opened!  Addressing sexuality gave me a more comprehensive picture of each partner and of the relationship itself.   I consider it an honor that my clients trust me enough to reveal the more intimate aspects of their lives.  I understand that it is risky to tell someone else what you truly desire.  I also understand that vulnerability and transparency create an environment where erotic exploration is possible.  One of my well-honed skills is creating a safe environment where people can talk about sex and learn to communicate with their partners.

One of my clients once said to me, "I like you!  You are REAL!"  As a therapist and a supervisor,  I am direct and sometimes compassionately blunt.  

After providing sex therapy for 30 years, I have evolved.  I am not currently taking new clients.  For now, I am focusing on supervising therapists who want to be AASECT certified, teaching Human Sexuality to undergraduates, giving presentations, providing consultation on sex therapy cases, and writing.  I am still involved with Night Moves, a sexual health radio show on KSYM 90.1. 

I will be glad to send over my resume if you are interested.   Email me at

If you are looking for sex therapy, please click on the page entitled San Antonio Sex Therapists. 

The name of my website is derived from the blue pearl or nila bindu of yoga.  I have been drawn to blue pearls for years.  Within the practice of yoga, the blue pearl is the seed of consciousness.  By meditating on the blue pearl, a person experiences their own true journey.  

Orange Blossom
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